Chez Pitu

Chez Pitu - Praia Hotel

  • 0800 724 6460 | +55 (22) 2623 6460

Comfort and Warmth

The Chez Pitu Praia Hotel, with its 35 rooms and cozy environments, offers guests very special experiences and memories!!!

Beside the bar on the pool deck, where we offer various drinks and snacks, you can easily access the beach, walking down just a few steps to feel the caress of sand on the Geribá Beach.

Cadastur - 10.263.290/0001-10

How about having breakfast with a view of the sea?

The day starts with a generous breakfast in the dining room or on the deck, with a beautiful view of the beach, sea and islands. While you savor delicious fruits, juices and a selection breads, you can still enjoy seagulls flying overhead and diving into the sea!!

It's time to relax!

To relax, guests can lean on the edge of the pool and take in the beauty of the beach and sea, or enjoy a sauna with a sea view.

This wonderful place is in Búzios